The Top Three Printers Every Small Business Should Have

Many startups overlook the importance of buying business printers. Office printers come in different colours, designs and performance. You need to get a printer that can help you execute your business operations smoothly. Here are the three top printers you might want to consider.

Laser Printers

Laser printers come in different varieties. There is the colour laser printer and the black and white variant. Coloured laser printers have the best text quality prints, fastest speeds and most economical usage. If you do a lot of scanning, photocopying or sending and receiving faxes, you might need a multi-function laser printer that can execute all these tasks.

You should also consider connectivity when buying a laser printer. A standard printer has a USB port and an Ethernet or wireless connectivity. Ensure the printer supports all the devices in your business. This includes devices running on Apple, Android and Windows. You might also want a machine that allows you to print from cloud-based platforms such as Google Docs, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers take more time to produce a page, but their output is quite impressive. The inkjet’s cartridge has sophisticated components capable of spraying controlled amounts of ink on a printed page, creating high-quality texts and graphics. You can combine the right settings on your computer with different kinds of papers to get the outcome you desire. A basic inkjet printer is far much cheaper than a laser printer. Some are even cheaper than office photocopiers.

There are four things you need to consider when buying an inkjet printer. They include functionality, workload, cost of ownership and connection. You need something that can print a document in black and white as well as in color. Consider how many pages you print in a week. If you usually print more than 400 pages per week, a laser printer might be the right option for you. You also need an inkjet printer that has high-capacity cartridges and good connectivity. To gain more information, Hub Technology Group Inc may be able to provide additional insights with their online resources.

Impact Printers

An impact printer for small business produces printed pages by striking ink ribbons using dot-matrix mechanisms. The printer moves across the paper and makes dots that form characters and graphics. An impact printer is far much less sophisticated when compared to inkjet and laser printers. They also have lower operating and maintenance costs. Companies who use multi-part documents such as checks and invoices can greatly benefit from impact business printers.

Before you buy any printer, it is important to identify the specific needs of your business. Determine the tasks the printer will perform, how many people will be using it and what documents you will print. You must also consider your budget. You don’t want a printer that will make you strain financially.

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